Artwork of the Soran region from Elementals

Introduction Pokémon Elementals
Professor Professor Maple
Starter Pokémon Mudkip, Treecko, Torchic, Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar
Regional Villains Team Light, Team Dark
Pokédex List Soran Pokédex
Pokémon League Soran League
League Location Lapis Lazuli Island
Generation IV.III
Games Elementals

The Soran region is a region of the Pokemon world. It the setting of Pokemon Elementals. It is far away from the five other large regions, and the Pokémon which inhabit Soran are from Hoenn and Sinnoh. All Soran's cities are named after minerals.

History Edit

The Soran region was the second region to be made by Arecus. Once complete, the land was a wasteland and no water until Shaymin and Jirachi approach the land. Shaymin turned the land into a lush green paradise and Jirachi helping Shaymin make the land green. The land remain flat with no water. Until Groudon and Kyogre arrived, Groudon make the mountains and Kyogre finally give the land water. However Groudon and Kyogre again to fight once again, Jirachi and Shaymin tried to calm the two legendaries down to not destroy the land. But ignoring the two, the battle began. Thanks to Jirachi and Shaymin tying to keep the land safe. Rayquaza approached the two fighting pokemon and stop the fight. Rayquaza placed Groudon and Kyogre into eternal sleep. Once the peace remained in the land, Human flourished the land makind settlements and adapt to Soran's multiple environments. Humans also created 4 temples. Soran also established it's own government.

Cities, routes, and other locations Edit

Demographics Edit

The Soran region is largest and widest Pokemon region. The total population of the Soran region is 1097.

Cities/Town Population Description
Amber Town 9 "Where something is born anew"
Pearl Town 17 "The Smooth Town"
Garnet City 45 "The Break-Hard City"
Jasper City 48 "When Something Smells Like Fire"
Malachite City 591 "The Greenlite City"
Claricite City 89 "When Planes begin to Sparkle"
Sardonyx City 68 "The City of Chooses"
Alexandrite City 54 "Port of Shining Colors"
Amethyst Town 39 "The Rough Hot Town"
Opal Town 25 "The Town of Rough & Smooth"
Quartz City 41 "The Beautiful City"
Apatite City 60 "The Cold, Cool City in the Snow"
Sapphire Village 11 "The Wise, Blue Village"

Landmarks Edit

Illusion Forest
Unity Cave
Regional Park
Amethyst Mines
Mt. Titanium
Soran Power Plant
Mt. Zoisite
Sugilite Island
Metaria Tower
Kunzite Island
Nephrite Island
Kelvea Train
Terra Temple
Marine Temple
Time Temple
Space Temple

Routes Edit

Like previous regions, Soran's routes do follow the same numbering system, jump to 301-321

Geography Edit

Climate Edit

Western Soran, the area features more spring climate. Southern Soran is more summer. Eastern Soran is more autumn. And Northern Soran is more winter.

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